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TIFU Tipping 140% to a Pizza Delivery Driver

My buddy and I ordered a pizza while half drunk. Unaware that I already paid with my credit card, I walk to my door with $30 and gave him a 20% tip on top of that which had been paid online.
The driver was about in his mid 30's, barely spoke English and he was driving a beat up car. He said "thank you!" very enthusiastically which made me realize in about 2 seconds that I just gave him double the money for the order, which he would obviously receive as a tip. I was about to admit my mistake and ask for the money back... before I saw his reaction while he was walking to his car.
He had a smile from ear to ear like he found the cure for Covid or struck gold or something. He even did this little mini jump before he hopped into his car. I'm not exactly Bill Gates, I still have debts to pay, but I'm glad I fucked up to help someone who needed the money more than I did.
Anyways, I felt pretty dumb after, but the joy I saw in that man made my week. Not a very interesting story, but it was pretty cool for me, as my Dad moved to Canada from across the world with only a bike and a few hundred bucks.
TL;DR Paid double for a pizza by being drunk. No regrets. Ok... little to no regrets.
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LPT: If you have an especially good experience with a customer service person, (in addition to a nice tip, if applicable) be an "anti-Karen" and ask to speak to their manager about what a great job they're doing. It makes the employee's day and can help them get promotions.

I once had a manager who didn't like me that much, but the customers loved me and kept saying so, and now I have that manager's old job. Positive feedback is so rare in customer service. It's 99% complaints about stuff that isn't your fault. But those few kind words from customers helped me get through some hellish shifts and advance in my career.
Edit: Obvs this will vary from workplace to workplace and it can be inconvenient for the employee and manager in question if they're super busy at that moment. Comment consensus tips are: keep praise vague (they may have skirted policy to take care of you), mention the employee by name, fill out any survey on the receipt or at the end of the phone call with max scores and the employee's name so there's a record, tell the employee why you're asking for the manager so they don't get scared, leave a great name-drop review in online spaces, if sliding into the dms of a corporate account be sure to include the store location along with the employees name.
Edit 2: Some of y'all work for shitty managers. That sucks very much and I'm sorry. It's a bad situation that isn't your fault and you deserve better. I hope you'll be able to get out of that job soon and get into something better where you can shine.
Edit 3: "Wow, this blew up" time. Thank you for all the kind messages that came with the awards. They mean more than the awards themselves. It feels like you're telling my manager (reddit) that I'm doing a good job.
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Servers/Waitresses rarely deserve 15-20% tips for each table.

Let’s see if this sub is actually about unpopular opinions.
My SO is a waitress at a local diner. She gets her tables that tip well, and some that don’t (or not at all). I see posts on Reddit every single day complaining about people who don’t tip or tip smaller than the regular 15% (or what I’m seeing lately is that “standard tip” trending more towards 20%). I don’t advocate for not tipping your waitress. He/she is providing a service to you: they deserve compensation. But 20%?
When it’s all said and done, my SO makes more money than I do as a waitress and I work in a very specialized field with several years training. This isn’t me complaining about my salary, cause I do pretty well myself. And don’t get me wrong, when she comes home with $200+ in just tips after a short shift, I’m super happy for her.
Here’s where my unpopular opinion comes in. No waitress at a regular restaurant should be expecting 20%, even 15% from their tables unless they’re giving us damn back rubs while serving. A 4 person table at a reasonably priced restaurant can run you $70-$100. I don’t feel that they earn their $20 tip (ie 20%) by simply bringing drinks at the beginning, slapping plates on the table, and bringing my bill.
Downvote me.
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John Lewis's former county tipped Biden into lead in Georgia

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TIFU by giving a less than 1% tip to my pizza driver

Inspired by the guy who accidentally tipped 140% it brought back memories of the time I completely miscalculated and left a horrible tip.
This was years ago when I was 13 or 14. I was home alone and my parents left me pizza money so I ordered Pizza Hut.
I did the math prior to ordering and did not factor in delivery charges or taxes. When the guy came to my door I gave him the money and asked him if that was good. He sarcastically replied with "Well, that leaves me with 11 cents but it's good."
Going based on my prior calculation I thought he was joking and in my head I thought it was at least a $3 or $4 tip and did not give him anymore.
After looking at the receipt I realized I didn't factor in the tax and delivery charges and actually did tip him 11 cents on a $24.89 order. I felt like a horrible person and wanted to give him more but I obviously didn't drive and the pizza place was about 2.5-3.0 miles away so I couldn't walk there.
TL;DR: I miscalculated the total for pizza I ordered and tipped my driver 11 cents on a $24.89 order when I was a teenager and felt awful for doing it.
Edit: He was in his 50's which is probably why I felt more guilty about it. Also he wasn't rudely sarcastic but more-so unconvincing when he told me the tip was good.
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1930's Ronson Touch tip lighter

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[Charania] The National Basketball Players Association has voted to tentatively approve NBA’s proposal for the 2020-21 campaign starting on Dec. 22 and playing 72-game season, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium. NBA set to tip off Christmas week.

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EWI - Electronic Wind Instrument. Venmo Tips: @Eddie-Spencer

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An old "helpful" tip in a magazine

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Halloween 20 questions music tip j ar p a y pa l heni . price @ g ma il . co m

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no tip

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Some tips

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AITA for over tipping?

Buddy of mine informed me that I was being disrespectful by over tipping in cash on a card purchased lunch. He explained that it is rude to over tip because it is insinuating that the server is poor and needs my generosity. I (49M) have worked in service related positions since I started working at age 9. I have always appreciated tips and never considered even the most generous an insult. I enjoy conversations with people who hold differing perspectives, but I'm struggling to wrap my head around this one. As we were discussing, he answered the question of had he ever worked a service position with an indigent no.
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I finally admitted I have a drinking problem. I can't have just one, and until I learn to be responsible with Alcohol I don't need it. I don't want my 10 month old daughter to ever see me like this. What can I do to help stay busy? Any tips yo how I can stay strong?

EDIT: HOLY SHIT! I just got back to this from break. Thank you all for the advice and the positive feedback. Seeing how many of you were in similar circumstances really makes me feel hopeful! Here's to you all!
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Apparently the "Tip!" textboxes haven't been updated since 2018

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Spacers-check lift kit-check trashcan exhaust tip- check. Diesel truck drivers are the new ricers

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Gardening Tips

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[Misc] Happy Halloween! What are the most horrifying skin tips you've heard? 😱 (source: Instagram @kura_skin)

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Life tip: if you're going adventuring, name your sword (or something you take everywhere) the coordinates of your base. Then you can just look at your sword/bow/pickaxe and know the coordinates of your base and how to get home!

Life tip: if you're going adventuring, name your sword (or something you take everywhere) the coordinates of your base. Then you can just look at your sword/bow/pickaxe and know the coordinates of your base and how to get home! submitted by J0eYT to Minecraft [link] [comments]

YSK: Most drain cleaning/sewer services scam customers out of hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is a guide for anyone who owns or plans to own a house that will allow you spot the tricks they use, as well as tips to prevent you from needing to use a service at all.

Why YSK: I used to be a drain cleaner. EVERY SINGLE DAY I had people coming to me for a second opinion because they were told they had to replace their sewer line for 5 grand. In the two years I spent drain cleaning, I only came across a whopping FOUR people that actually needed their sewer line replaced and well over a hundred that were told they had to. Here are some of the many tactics these companies use:
-The most common one is that they couldn’t get their blades past a blockage so the line must be broken. If this were true, the blades would come back with either mud on them, or completely clean and shiny. Even then, there are lots of other reasons why they could be shiny so it’s not a definite break in the line.
-They clean the line with small or sometimes even no blades. If it’s the mainline, at least 3 inch blades should be used. Preferably 4 inch though. But some companies don’t do that. So they will poke a hole into the blockage, and everything will run just fine...for a few days. Shortly after, that tiny hole will close again and you’ll call them back out. They’ll try to convince you it’s because the line is broken when it’s not.
-They make you think roots in the mainline are a huge deal and the line must be replaced. Roots are the most common cause of sewer line backups. It’s incredibly common and should be expected if you have a tree near your sewer line. Some people will go ten years before their first root caused backup because it can take time for the roots to get through the pipe. Your sewer line is still in good shape. Just get it snaked every year and use root killer to slow the growth.
-They scope the line and find bellies with sitting water or small offsets. While not ideal, most houses have them and it’s not necessarily a big deal. It’s something to keep an eye on, not waste 5-10 grand on.
Here’s some general tips regarding the trade:
-If the company doesn’t have the prices online, don’t tell them if you’re renting out the house. If you’re a landlord they’ll assume you’ve got extra cash and up charge you.
-If your basement has a floor drain, get a $10 water alarm. If it ever backs up, you’ll know immediately and stop the spread of water before it causes massive amounts of damage. This is particularly important if you don’t go into the basement often. I once went to an elderly lady’s house that had a foot of water in the basement. She was too old to go downstairs and didn’t notice the smell because she was hooked up to an oxygen tank thingy. Decades of memories stored in boxed were destroyed.
-If you have a sewer line scoped, make sure you see them do it yourself. They like to swap footage with another house and act like your line is broken. Also make sure they use at least 3 inch blades on your mainline. Also make sure to get a copy of the footage. You can send it to multiple companies and they’ll usually give you their opinion for free so you don’t need it scoped multiple times!
-Clean out the p-traps to your sinks. I’ve had dozens of people call me to spend five minutes unscrewing their trap, cleaning it out, the putting it back. When I try to tell them that it’s easy to do yourself they say they don’t mess around with anything plumbing related. But seriously, watch a two minute video and do it yourself in 5 minutes and save a hundred bucks.
-DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING DOWN THE TOILET UNLESS IT CAME OUT OF YOU, OR ITS TOILET PAPER!!!! It doesn’t matter if your wipes say they’re “flushable”. it doesn’t matter if it’s “just a few tampons”. It doesn’t matter if you “didn’t think your kid was dumb enough to flush his cat stuffed animal”. Don’t do it! Just because it gets past the toilet doesn’t mean it gets through the whole line. If you’re flushing wipes or tampons, there’s a good chance your just collecting them and one day you will be met with a very unpleasant surprise. I’ve seen anywhere from a couple tampons clogging the line to filling up HALF OF A FIVE GALLON BUCKET with tampons. The only thing worse than spending 10 hours fishing for tampons is spending a thousand bucks for someone to fish for your tampons.
There’s a lot more to it but I’m doubtful many will even read this. Which is a shame because I saw people getting scammed every single day and it’s easily avoidable. Most people don’t know much of this and these companies know that. And they take advantage of it.
Edit: I forgot to mention, don’t use any draino or anything similar. It’s very acidic. It can melt away pipes overtime and does a very poor job anyways. It usually only pokes holes into things. Save your pipes and clean out the trap yourself by hand, or call someone to do it.
Also, I highly recommend never using a snake yourself for the mainline, or even really a kitchen line. I have no idea how places like Home Depot are allowed to rent them out to just anyone. I know people that were trained to use them and still lost a finger. If you’re not incredibly familiar with it you can go from being just fine to missing a finger in literally a split second. Spend the extra hundred dollars and have a professional do it. It takes a long time to be trained to use it and messing up or not knowing how to use it properly can cost you a finger or two.
Also, if your toilets start to bubble/gargle when you run any water, your line is most likely going to be backing up. You could have a backup in one minute, or in a week. It’s best to have someone out ASAP!
People are asking why you shouldn’t use the snake yourself or how I could cause a lot of damage. This is why. BE WARNED, THIS IS NSFW AND GOREY. And this isn’t even the worst that can happen!
Also, drain cleaners love kitchen sink disposals because it keeps them in business. The more food you put down, the more likely it will get clogged. Especially avoid greasy foods, egg shells, and coffee grounds. If you’d like to avoid a backup, don’t put any food down the sink and use a paper towel to wipe off excess grease on dishes!
As much as I would love to, it has become impossible to keep up with all of these comments! If you have a question, I’d recommend saving this post and then messaging me in a day or two! Thanks for all of the awards! I hope this post can help you save some money and make scammer companies lose some business!
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I asked for tips and hate for my house, after reading comments I rebuilded my house and now it looks like that! Big thanks for help! If you have tips or hate for my house, then tell me in comments.

I asked for tips and hate for my house, after reading comments I rebuilded my house and now it looks like that! Big thanks for help! If you have tips or hate for my house, then tell me in comments. submitted by WhyYouAskMeSomething to Minecraft [link] [comments]

Every restaurant I've ever worked in has never tipped out kitchen staff

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20 KÖSTLICHE TRICKS UND TIPPS FÜR LEBENSMITTEL - YouTube Verarbeitung von Sojabohnen - Verfahren und Tipps - YouTube weldingtipsandtricks - YouTube 10 Tipps zum perfekten Onanieren! Männer Masturbieren ... 30 Ultimate PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for 2020 - YouTube

jemandem einen guten Tipp, ein paar Tipps geben; er hatte einen sicheren Tipp für die Börse; durch einen Tipp aus der Unterwelt kam die Polizei auf die richtige Spur (bei Toto, Lotto, in Wettbüros o. Ä.) schriftlich festgehaltene Vorhersage von Siegern bei sportlichen Wettkämpfen, von Zahlen bei Ziehungen, die bei Richtigkeit einen Gewinn bringt . Beispiele. wie sieht dein Tipp aus? seine Tip / Tipp. Unsere Wortliste zur neuen Rechtschreibung bietet Ihnen eine vergleichende Gegenüberstellung ausgewählter Neuschreibungen im Wandel der Rechtschreibreform. Online Zeitung lesen auf Tips.at. Einfaches und bequemes Schmökern in allen regionalen Tips-Ausgaben als ePaper. Mit diesen 10 Tipps wirst du juckende Mückenstiche schnell wieder los. Lifehacks. Ein einzigartiger Blick in das Haus von Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez. Sonstiges. Empfindest du eines dieser Symptome? Dann leidest du vielleicht am Burnout-Syndrom. Gesundheit. 14 Arten, wie man Zip-Gefrierbeutel verwenden kann. Haus & Garten . Zurück; BELIEBTESTE ARTIKEL: Das turbulente Leben von Pamela ... Tips – total regional - bietet aktuelle News aus der Region. Top informiert über Veranstaltungen, Gewinnspiele, Versteigerungen.

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